How our kids have changed our lives.


Our kids are visiting grandma and grandpas house, so we have the trailer to ourselves!!

Hallelujah, hallelujah!! I think as parents we dream of this happening. You think of all the things you would do if your kids weren't around. There's so much peace and quiet, no arguing, no picking up toys or watching kid shows, and no pee on the toilet! The list goes on and on, but, (there's always a but it seems), but having no kids around also means that there are no kids around, which makes my heart sad.

It's funny how before you have kids you don't realize anything is missing. Life is great. It's just you and your spouse you get to make all the decisions and the world revolves around you, it's great. Then you have kids and you're ruined forever, because you can't do anything without thinking "oh the kids would love this" or "I wish the kids were here to see that". Yes, we love to have a break once in a while and enjoy our freedom, but you can no longer separate yourself from them.

 Us in Santa Cruz watching the monarches fly south. 

Us in Santa Cruz watching the monarches fly south. 

They are such a part of you and become your world.

Our home feels so empty when they're gone. I miss their hugs and little voices. I miss the endless questions and the frequency of decimals our car hits when we're all in it.


Erica, our oldest, (she's 11) is the artistic one. She's so much like her father in every way. She's kind and gracious and has a heart of gold. She's well beyond her years in maturity. She's an amazing artist, she paints, draws, edits, and writes stories; all things I am awful at. She loves her brothers and is always teaching them to do right and be kind.


Malaki our second in line is almost 9. He's completely opposite from his sister in almost every way. He's very analytical, see's everything in black and white. Malaki wants to know how everything works and will research and research until he finds an answer he can be happy with. He loves the outdoors and always likes to make sure his hair looks nice:) He however also has a very soft and tender side, this is I suppose the one area he's just like his sister, he is super affectionate. He loves long hugs, and loves to cuddle.


Zealand, our youngest is 7. He's kind of a mix of all of us, but he's also nothing like any of us.. He loves to just be a kid and play and play all day long. Zealand loves to explore and is about the biggest love bug. He's so sensitive to injustice and cares so deeply for people. It's pretty amazing at such a young age. He feels for people, deeply. He has compassion coming out of his ears.

I'm so excited to see who they all become as they get older, but I'm so not ready for those days to be here yet. I know a piece of my heart will be taken when each one leaves the nest. That's why we try to enjoy them everyday where they are at, the time we have with them will fly by. The years already have. They make our family a home and bring so much excitement and joy to our lives.

From the time I was very young I couldn't wait to be a mom, and I'm so blessed to be their mom. They've changed my life in every way, all for the better. I'm so thankful for this journey we're on called life. Who knows what's next for us , but I know there will be a ton of laughs and love along the way.