The adventure begins. Today our family became full-time traveling nomads.

We're finally hitting the road! I can't believe it's really here.

About a year ago we started the journey that has brought us to today. We sold everything, bought a travel trailer, and for the past 4 months have been living in it, waiting for today when we officially hit the road. 

I'm so glad we've been able to live in it, in one place, before hitting the road. It's really helped us learn so much about our new trailer life. But I think our family is now ready for our great adventure! Well... I think so. I don't think we can ever be fully prepared for anything, you have no idea what can be thrown at you. I do feel somewhat anxious about fully letting go and just seeing where the road takes us, but I also have such great excitement.

This is something we've dreamed of for years, and to see it finally happen is pretty amazing.

I know we will have many highs and lows along the way, but that is also what makes it so exciting. I feel like in our suburban life things were so planned out and we lived in a 9 to 5 box. Our life was ran by Jason's work schedule. When he went to work, I started school with the kids. When he had lunch break we had lunch, and dinner was done when he was off of work.

Our love of the outdoors and traveling were usually planned according to how many vacation days Jason had. This will be the first time we have absolute freedom to go and see our amazing world, without time limitations. Jason will still be working, but it will be on his time and schedule. We will be breaking free from our hurried life and be able to concentrate on the things we hold dear in our lives.

We're ready to learn and experience what this land has to offer, and we're not in a rush to experience it. I can't wait to stand where great men of our history have stood, and to walk trails and mountains I've only read about. To make history come alive for my kids and nature to be at their fingertips. To feel that sense of awe and wonder at the creation of this world. Who knows where we'll go or what we'll see, but that's the best part. That's the adventure I'm after and I'm ready.