Our Trip To The California Redwoods

I wrote this post some months ago, before we had even bought our trailer. It's interesting to read back and realize how much has already changed in such a short amount of time. Still, a decent read if I do say so myself... and I won't, it's not a good to gloat. You should read it anyway though because it's amazing. Before you do however, feel free to check out this music video my daughter Erica shot and edited highlighting the trip. It's a short, fun video, and she did a fantastic job... which I say without hesitation.


Tonight marks the end of day 6 of our 9 day Redwood trip. I write this from our tent pitched on site #30 inside Burlington campground. My family and I have been staying at Burlington at least once a year since I was a wee boy. I love it here, it's unlike any other place to me. This trip is unique for me however. The first 4 days of the tip we spent in my wife's parents 24 foot trailer. It was the first time we have stayed in a trailer since deciding to venture out away from normal life and into a more intentional life in a trailer. 

 The trailer we stayed in for the first 4 days,

The trailer we stayed in for the first 4 days,

Overall, the experience was good. Their trailer is smaller then the type we're looking to get, but not by much. The fit was slim but there were some benefits to the tight space, like way more forced interaction with each other. We also noticed that we went to bed a lot earlier, mainly because there wasn't much else to do, but we liked this early to bed early to rise schedule. I also loved that on our last day in the trailer, the final clean up took about 1% of the time is does to do a full house clean at home.   

The biggest take away I think has been two things:

1. As much as we love to day dream about life on the road being a long vacation, I know it won't be. Life happens whenever you're at, good and bad. I'll still have to work, we'll still have frustrating days and breakdowns and a lot of new things to discover that will bring our high hopes to reality.  

 Us with some of the best people we know, the estacio family.

Us with some of the best people we know, the estacio family.

2. I cannot wait to get on the road and live more intentionally. I think we'll learn a ton about what really matters to us, and what doesn't, and how to live without an array of "busy distractions" at our disposal to pull out whenever ideas or thoughts or convictions drop into our minds. 

I know that the new life we're working towards won't be a honeymoon for long, or most likely at all. It comes with a long list of its own bumps and rattles all its own, plus a lot taken from life as is it for everyone.  But I can't wait to give it a go.  



Here are a few more photos of our incredible trip to one of the most incredible places on earth.

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