We sold our car, (hence the name of this cleverly titled post). No big deal right? People sell cars everyday. This was however, for our family, a very big deal. This was different. It was different for a few reasons that I'll get into below, but the biggest way it was different was because of what it signified. The selling of this automobile was for my wife and I, a line drawn in the sand. It was a "there's no turning back from this point" moment. It meant that after so many years of pushing off dreams and passions and convictions in place of 'busyness' and 'life' and other excuses, we were actually going to go after them... and it started with selling this automobile.

This car (actually a mid sized SUV) was sort of a reflection of where we were in life at that point. It was a nice care, had plenty of room for our family of five, but still got great gas milage. It was fun to drive, while still being a safe family mobil. It was easy to park, drove like a sporty little car, and had plenty of room for groceries. It was in many ways the perfect suburbanites automobile. Then one day, we realized, it was not the car for us anymore. Something clicked in us 4 months after we bought the car that caused us to shift our focus, and seriously think about pursuing that dream we had 4 years before. The dream where we sold everything we owned, moved in an RV and roamed around nomadically. 

I'll cut to the chase with this post. Selling the car kick-started everything else for us. It was the thing that made everything real. It was the first step, and it was for us a big one. We knew that if it actually sold, we'd have no choice but to move forward with our plans. When it did sell, it was a huge mental shift for us. No longer were we saying things like "one day", or "maybe", or, "we can't because of (endless list of excuses)", we had made the shift into, "we're doing this so we'll figure out the hows", and so we have. It's been a process, a step by step process where we've just checked off milestones big and small. We're finally at the end of them, we're at the edge of the cliff and it's super exciting and pretty un-easy at the same time.  

I've learned that making that mental shift is the biggest thing you can do to being pursuing your 'one day' goals, dreams, convictions, passions and purposes. To go from excuses to deciding you're doing it is huge. Once you make the decision,  it's amazing how achievable things become. It's such a mental game it seems. I'm still figuring things out, and we have so many more things we'd like to pursue 'one day', but we now feel like we can do them, or if nothing else at least do everything we can to pursue them. So go, find a dream you've pushed off for too long and decide to go for it, you may be surprised at how doable it actually is.