My daughter Erica is amazing. I probably biased to some degree, but she is so much better then any other 11 year old you've ever met, I promise. I'm a fan of hers. I won't go into all the reasons why I feel this way, but will focus most of my attention for this post on her creativity. She edits videos using Premiere Pro, videos that I couldn't edit till I was about 25. She paints, draws, and creates from hand bracelets I'd pay money for. She has also just recently got into blogging. So, I asked her to write a few thoughts on our move from a suburban house into a travel trailer full time. Here are her words:

"Hi my name is Erica, I’m 11 years old and we're moving into a trailer.

When my parents first told me that we were moving into a trailer I had many thoughts about it. The first thought was that my parents were crazy. We have been living in a very saburbany place for a long time, surrounded by people. I just didn’t get why we were doing this. But when we first got the trailer everything really started to… become real.

It wasn't long ago, when my grandparents were growing up that there was no such thing as an iPhone, and computers. Back then they did lots of playing outside, hiking, traveling etc. Today people are texting, on Instagram, and Facebook. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I say, go out, enjoy the outdoors, go hike a mountain, travel.

Change is good. The change for me is living in a really small space, not bringing all of my stuff.

Stuff, everyone has it but do you really need it? 

We've been homeless for over a month now. We've always lived in a house. A regular house, like in a neighborhood. Now we'll be living in a trailer. I don't know what will happen, but I think the change will be good. I think it will be good to spend more time talking to each other, being outside, enjoying nature and mountains then to sit inside all day and hardly see each other. 

Maybe everyone should live in a trailer for a while, who knows what good things may come of it."

Thank you my dear Erica. Please let my little gal know how much you loved her post. I'm hoping she'll do more of them, both because it's a great skill to learn, blogging, writing etc, and it means I'm not writing a post. Thanks Mrs. Rose.