First things first. Let me define "homeless" before moving forward. I don't mean to say that my family and I (wife & 3 kids under the ages of 11) are living on the street in a tent... although I am literally living in a tent right now. I'm actually writing this post from my tent/home this very moment.  Like literally. I just shot this terrible pic to the left to prove it. More on that in a sec. What I do mean is that, I'm living in a tent, and my wife and kids are living in a small bedroom in the back of my wife's parents house at the moment. We chose this for the time being, and I think everyone should think about doing the same - not the part about us being apart, that part sucks, more on that below - but the bigger picture, the reasons behind the act. Let's dig in a bit by starting with a very brief look at what we're doing.

My family and I are in the process of moving our family out of Suburbia and into a 28' travel trailer. You may already know all about that, if you don't, you can get caught up by reading this quick post from a couple weeks ago (click here). The nutshell version is, well I suppose I already gave the nutshell version, we're moving into a travel trailer. Let's now dig into why we've chosen to be temporarily homeless.

I suppose It wasn't so much of a conscious decision we made. We didn't get up one day and say "hey kids, lets go be homeless for a bit". Although my kids might have thought that would be awsome, being that they understand almost nothing. It was more of a byproduct of the decisions we made in moving out of suburbia and into the trailer. The very simple reason we're currently homeless is because we moved out of our house entirely a few weeks ago, like handed in the keys, totally out. We did this before we actually did all the renovations on the trailer we'll soon be moving into. Those renovations are currently underway, but until they're complete, we literally have no home. 

Here is the main point I wanted to make; while this bit of homelessness is not fun, it does have some surprising benefits, benefits we may have never experienced had we not left our home on this little adventure. This has been true for some of the other 'not so fun things' that have come our way as part of our move into the trailer. None of these things were planned, they just sort of happened. An example of this happened during the insane month or so we spent getting rid of all the crap in our house. I'll do a post on just that fun time in the future, but it was utter madness for about a month. We were selling, packing up, giving away and dumping 12 years of accumulation. The bi-product however, the positive to this craziness was that my wife and I found a new connection point with each other. We both found ways of working together within our strengths that surprised us both. In a weird way it strengthened our marriage, we felt like such a team during that month, and it's spilled over into other parts of our lives. It's something we had never experienced in the same way in the previous 13 years of marriage.

The point is this, it seems like relationships deepen, good and happy surprises take place, and family bonds grow stronger in times when we're a little out of our comfort zone. When we push ourselves to do things that seem too big, too crazy, or too difficult, it seems like good things come out of the craziness, the difficulty and the struggle. I think that when we are consumed with trying to make everything easier, everyone happier, and life more comfortable we may be missing out on the exact things we are seeking in the first place. Life seems to become more rich, more vivid and alive when we need each other more, when we are pushing ourselves to do things we wouldn't normally do. 

The trailer life is for not for everyone, it may not even be for anyone, but so far our push outside of what is normal and easy has been nothing but good for us, and I can't wait to see what else comes of it. So, go out, do something a little daring, a little adventurous, a little out of the norm for you and see what happens. If you fall on your face and your life is worse because of it, blame God or the evil world, or the government, just not this post.

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