I just spend the last 15 minutes or so writing a post (a very clever and humorous post I'd say) about my commitment to publishing fresh new posts each and every Wednesday from here on out. I went into many more details in the last, much more clever post then in this one, but that last post is gone forever. It seems that when I went to publish the last post, I broke the posting machine. I believe that cause is that, because we're in the middle of nowhere right now with poor internet, the post was stuck trying to publish, when I switched from the local wi-fi to my phone, the post was lost forever. So, this is what you now get, a poorly thought out, clever-less, humor-less post. Are clever-less and humor-less even words? It really doesn't matter now does it, and with that line, I end this post. 

Chat with you next Wednesday! And every Wednesday there after with new posts about our little adventure.