How we make money living a nomadic life of traveling the country full-time. Part 1.

The short answer is, I'm not sure, at least not yet. Or more specifically, we're still working that out. The longer version you'll find in the paragraphs below. 

To start, we haven't yet officially hit the road, which means that we haven't had to put into place any of the "make money on the road" endeavors I've been working on. Until we officially are on the road in November, we still have a constant pay check coming every two weeks. In this post I will list the three primary things I've been working on, and plan to put into practice come November. I think it will be interesting to do a follow-up post a month or so in to see how these things are working... or not working, so stay tuned as this post will be sort of on-going. 

What I'm working on.

Here is a list of everything I've got cooking, and a brief description about them. Below, I'll give you an overview of the plan.

1. Freelance video editing.

I make videos for organizations, brands, non-profits, and start-ups for a living. Freelance has always been a big part of my work, even when I've worked full-time for a place making videos. For now, freelance video editing and motion design will be our primary source of income. There are however many down sides to this. The two major downsides are:

  • Lack of constancy in payment. When you do freelance, you work your tail off to get work, then work floods in. All your time is then spent doing the work. When the work is over, you realize you've been so busy doing work, you weren't working on getting more work, so then you starve for a month or two while you work your tail off again for more work... more work floods in, you get overwhelmed and the cycle begins again... It sucks.
  • Editing takes a lot of time. A lot. I don't want to spend my days locked in the trailer behind a computer. I want to spend it outside, with my family, climbing mountains and walking through forests or slipping on rocks in tide pools. . 

2. These two websites: &

Jason's mix pot is my attempt at selling a video asset package for other video editors. It's like a bundle of video editing and motion designer tools. The second site, motion tavern is my motion graphics site. The idea is to push that to people who need motion graphics work. The problem with both sites is that I'm not giving either of them the attention they need to get off the ground. My time has been spent doing other things, so at this time they just sort of exist. I hope to begin pushing them and giving them the time they need soon... but, who knows if that will happen. 

3. This blog, our new YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.

These three things are the ones I care about the most. They are the things I am really passionate about, and the things I hope work out so that I can give them all my focus. The goal is just build an awesome community of like minded people. We hope to eventually gain some income from our YouTube channel through YouTubes monetizing program, AKA the ads that appear before YouTube videos. We aren't running ads yet, but once we do, be sure to click on the ad, or watch it most of the way through so we get a couple pennies! With our blog and Facebook page, we hope to eventually begin monetizing them in at least one of the following ways:

  • Attract sponsor's who "sponsor" a particular video we do, or posts, or some aspect of the content we put out.
  •  Advertise. I hope we don't have to do this, I don't like ads, but, if we want to keep providing great content, and continue growing a community, advertising may be a way to do that.
  • Create valuable products. If we find that we can bring value to the Suburban Pilgrims community in some way, via a product, service, or information, we'd love to do that. We feel like it's a win win. Like minded people get something useful and meaningful to them, we through that earn income that allows us to continue bringing value to people... at least that's the idea.

Who knows what will happen with Suburban Pilgrims, but we hope to keep it going, and actually do it better, and better which means we need to eventually earn some sort of income from it. Doesn't have to be much, but something would be awesome!

We'll see what happens.

I really hope we can make a go of Suburban Pilgrims, we love doing it. But, I am planning on the first year doing a lot of video editing and motion design work for people to cover the expenses while we keep building SP up. We're so excited about the future, but there are a lot of un-knows. We'll see what happens. Thanks for reading! Check back soon for a part two of this post where we'll see how these things are working.


We post a ton of extra content there, and it's a great place to join the SP community!