An 11 year olds thought's on living in a travel trailer full-time.

Our family sold everything we owned, bought a travel trailer and have now been living in it for about 2 weeks. We will eventually be on the road full-time traveling the country, but for now, we're sticking around San Diego. In case you missed some of our older posts, my 11 year old daughter wasn't exactly thrilled by the idea of us moving out of our suburban home and into 250sq of living space. You can see her joys in this post: CLICK HERE


This is actually Erica's second post to our blog. Here first can be found here: ERICAS FIRST POST here is Erica in her own words:

Well folks, most of you people know what we're doing. We've moved into a trailer. Well, first off I think that doing this is going to bring our family a lot closer. I think I'm more excited now than I was before.  Before, when I would meet girls around my age, I'm now 11, they were nothing like me. They all had phones and their hobbies included pretty much liking pictures on Instagram and and taking selfies.

My hobbies include taking pictures, editing video, and being completely different and weird. I feel like our family has always been different, well mostly my dad. And you know why, you've heard it straight from him!! But I fell like we've just always been different, which is good, but I mean at my age all you want to do is be cool and just blend in. I think I now know why my parents want me to be different, and not just me, our family to be different. We are moving into a trailer so there!

By being different I mean doing things that people wouldn't normally think of doing, or are scared to do. For example my parents want me to make my own decisions when I'm around my friends they want me to be able to say no, which i think is good. We've been in the trailer for about two weeks and were still adjusting. Theres no privacy, no space. I mean if you think about it were living in a trailer so, theres not a ton of space. But its been fun, a huge change but fun. Cant wait till we start traveling!!!!!!