5 things you can do in 200sq of living space, you can't do in 2000sq

So we've been living full-time in our travel trailer for a little over one month. It feel like it's been 7 years because of all we've learned already. There are for sure pros, but also surprisingly, some cons as well going from a 2000sq of open home to a 200sq of tight living space for 2 adults and 3 kids. In this post, I want to list 5 of things you can do with 200sq you can't with 2000sq.

1. Use the bathroom in the middle of the night without leaving your bed

Well almost anyway. It may require you to still get out of bed technically, but only barely. Being in the tight space we are, the bathroom is literally no more then 6 baby steps, or 3 my size steps away from anywhere in the house. 

2. Gain a new understanding of an "open floor plan". 

My wife and I really wanted an open floor plan home in our last house. We knew the hub of our home was the kitchen, so we wanted the kitchen to be open to the couch as well in case you wanted some comfort under you while keeping the conversation going with the kitchen worker... AKA my wife. (Luckily she rarely reads my posts.) In our micro home of our trailer, you can literally see the kitchen from anywhere, other then the bathroom. I can be in our bedroom, any of the kids bedrooms, the living room, dining room, breakfast nook, family room, entertainment room, hallway, the library, kids play room or guest room and still see the kitchen as if it were right there, which of course it is. The fact that all those rooms are in the same place makes this easier I'll admit, but still, I can always see that kitchen.

3. Cool or heat our entire house in record time

Is it hot in here? No problem, let me just flip on the AC for 1.2 seconds. Oh, you're cold? No worries, turing up the heat for 32 seconds will warm you up perfectly. Having a tiny space means that controlling the climate in that tiny space is ridiculously easy and stupid fast. You can literally heat up the entire house on a cold day just by baking cookies. It's pretty awesome.   

4. Never have to "call" your kids for dinner.

You're kids can be anywhere in the house, and the slightest whisper will carry it's way to anywhere they're at. The chances that they'll actually listen to your words however are as slim as anywhere else.

5. Clean your house faster then ever before.

I really can't comment too much on this because my wife might throw something at me, but it seems as though cleaning the trailer happens much faster. I say "seems" because my wife Danielle is a clean freak and in general likes to do the cleaning herself, which I am perfectly happy about. The downside however seems to be that the frequency of cleaning seems to have gone up as it takes much less time, and much less stuff to clutter or dirty the small space. I guess it's a give and take.


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