My 3 biggest fears leaving the comfort of suburbia for the nomadic life on the open road.

In case you're not up to speed on our families little adventure we're about to undergo, you can read about what we're doing and why here.

Overall, I have to keep my excitement to a minimum about our families new way of living. I feel like I'm in line to see what may just be the greatest movie ever created of all time. I'm thrilled out of my mind like a little girl about to put on make-up for the first time... Not sure why I used that analogy actually. I've never technically been a little girl and I generally steer clear of make-up, makes my beard itchy.

The point is that, I'm jazzed about the trip, but I'm trying to keep my expectations down because I know that there will be bumps in the road, literally and figuratively. There will days of being broken down on the side of road, there will be blown out tires, stresses, and smelly bathrooms - bathroom actually. But overall, I can't wait to see what happens.

With that being said, I do have my fair share of very real, very stressful at times concerns, and I'll list them here for you.


1. Money.

Money is on the top of many peoples list as stresses they wish they could remove, so there's nothing surprising about my number one. Money is also by far the #1 reason people who would otherwise love to, don't move out of their busy lives and into a more freeing and more intentional life the way our family is about to... that and many people think we're insane.

So I get the money hesitation, it's a big one. It's also however only an obstacle, and it's one that you, and anyone else can eliminate. With that being said, it's still my biggest fear. It's the thing that keeps me up at night... literally, I've been working late into the night every night trying to overcome this obstacle.

The thing is, it's simple to make money while on the road, but it's not easy. It's simple in the sense that all I have to do is bring enough value to someone that they are willing to pay me for it. It's just not easy. For me it's not easy because, while I have a value bringer in my video skills. (I make videos for people for a living). I can do this from anywhere, so you'd think my money worries wouldn't be an issue, being that I have an income maker already. The problem for me, the thing that isn't easy is that my goal is to shift away from making videos for money, and toward making videos I care deeply about, but that no one want's to pay for. So while I know I'll have to make some videos for money on the road, I want to move away from it fast for a number of reason I won't go into here.

To wrap up this first point, I'm worried that I won't have enough other "value bringers" to allow me to pull away from making videos for money while on the road, and I'll be stuck in our trailer 12 hours everyday in front of a laptop. I'm working my tail off to do things I've ever done before to try to avoid this, but who knows, it's a little scary.

2. That we're not "prepared" enough.

This one is dumb I know. It's dumb because we really aren't "prepared" for anything in life. We try to be, but we never fully are, we can't be. We can never be truly ready for the baby to come, or for the day we "retire" (a word that I feel means little to nothing for most of us today), or for the day our kids leave the house, or for the day our kids ask how babies are made. This adventure is no different. Still, it's scary.

I wanted to have a certain safety number in our bank account before hit the road... we won't.

I wanted to know how to fix any potential mechanical issue we may face... I won't, ever. I do now own a screw driver though so, I'm doing pretty good.

I wanted to have passive income in place before we hit the road... not sure passive income actually exists for mortals.

I wanted a ton of things in place before we hit the road, but, we don't, and we won't, and that's ok. We can never be fully prepared, for anything. I don't actually think I want to be. Sure I'd love to have a few more boxes checked off the to-do list, but, we could never even do this adventure in the pursuit of being prepared for it. It's that way with most everything. No one would have kids if they waited until they were really ready. You're never really prepared to jump out of a plane... (Never mind, bad analogy. I suppose you actually do need a certain level of preparedness before you jump out of a plane. Ignore this please).

So while I know we'd never be prepared enough, I still worry about it. Did I just lead my family out of the plane without the shoots? What are shoots? Do they even call them shoots? I don't even know what they look like, crap!

3.  The Unknown

We don't really know what we're doing. We're sort of winging this whole thing and learning as we go. This is something I actually love, but, because you don't know what you don't know, I'm worried that what I don't know is something I should have known, and that if I had known it I would have known not to do the thing I didn't know about and if I had known I would have known not to do it the first place.

It's the classic fear most of our fears stem from. It's why kids don't like the doctors, or the dentist, or that game I used to play with them where I was the monster, and they had to fight and kill me, and within 3 seconds they would "win"... and I'd fall to the ground... because they won, and I was "dead"... and I'd take a nap. 

There are so many un-knowns in our future I don't even know what they are, because they're unknown. Luckily I do pretty well with being positive, and focusing on the good rather then the bad, but I still struggle with this because it's my family at stake. But, what you don't know can't hurt you. Except for the time that guy picked up the rattle snake and started shaking it to make it rattle because he didn't know that on the non rattle side they could bite. Oh well. 

Overall, I'm super stink'n excited. Any adventure that doesn't come packaged with anxiety isn't worth taking I've never said, but I will start saying now. Thanks for reading!

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