5 reasons to ditch suburban life for the nomadic life in an RV

It's easy to come up with reasons for other to do something when you yourself are already doing it.  We recently took the plunge; we sold everything, bought an RV and now live in it full-time, traveling where we please, when we please. It's now easy for us to tell others they should do the same, kind of like I'm doing with this post; actually exactly like it. With that said, I know it's not for everyone, but if you're the type that thinks it could be for you, here's 5 reasons you should.

If you want to do what we did, check out our entire video library and see first hand how we actually, practically made the jump from suburbia to full-time travel.

1. Your house can move. Almost anywhere. Anytime.

Sure that's the most obvious thing I could say, but it's also one of the coolest, and believe it or not it's one of the things that has happily surprised me the most. Not that I missed the part about our RV having wheels underneath it, but the part about how amazing and freeing it really it. It hit me fully about a week ago as I was driving behind another family pulling a trailer. I can't describe it, but the full realization that we could at any time pick up and change the world around our home was amazing. It's the most freedom I think I've ever felt. I love it.

2. Everything is simpler.

While that statement isn't true, it is almost true. Some things are not simpler, like the thing about your house being pulled behind your car, down bumpy highways causing things to break or shift or fall. But, overall life in a trailer/RV is so much simpler. We have very few things, very few expenses, and very few things do deal or worry about. I like simple, and this move has made most things in life very simple.

3. It's so much cheaper.

Sure, we're coming at this perspective as residence of San Diego, a place that is not cheap, at all. But even still, life on the road in an RV is so much less expensive then life in suburbia. Most people don't think this is possible. They think life on the road traveling full-time must cost as much as their last vacation. Not at all. We have no rent or mortgage, no power bills, no water bills, no waist management to pay for, no HOA fees, no expensive entertainment costs (most of our entertainment now comes in the form of spending time in nature, taking hikes, laughing and telling stories, and via free internet from the RV parks we stay at.) Actually our only real costs are one loan we're paying off, auto and life insurance, and cell phones. We're actually going to soon be dumping our old extremely high phone bill for flip phone cheap prices. I like low cost, and living in an RV traveling full-time is very, very low cost compared to suburban living.

4. It's brought our already close family closer.

Family has been a huge priority for us since day one. So even before we left on our adventure we had what I would call a very healthy, very close, very loving family life. The trailer however has brought that to a level we didn't know existed. Screen time for all of us is down, a lot. We've sat together as a family for each and every meal since the very first day we moved into the trailer full-time. We don't even really plan on it, it wasn't actually something we did intentionally at all, it just comes so naturally in the trailer.

Screens are so much less of a distraction, you just naturally do more together, including meals. We've also played so much more together, and it's been so fun. Things weren't as fun in what our kids now call "the big house". We had to be much more intentional, and sometimes forceful for us to do something together as a family like play a game, or sit around the same table with no screen for a meal. Now, it just happens, on it's own, and we love it.

5. It changes your life.

For better or worse, your life is literally changed, instantly. So far this has been super positive for us. Our outlook on life is changing, the way we look at values and goals is different. And we have so much freedom to live intentionally. We can set-up our lives the way we think we should because almost all of the barriers that prevented us from doing so before have been removed. This could and probably will be a post in itself, but living an intentional life is amazing. 

There are a ton more, so maybe I'll do another post in the future, but for us so far, this is one of the best decisions we've ever made. We may find that it was an awful decision in the future, but either way, I don't think we'll regret it. I will never use these 4 letters in this particular order again... but, YOLO. 

If you want to do what we did, check out our entire video library and see first hand how we actually, practically made the jump from suburbia to full-time travel.