Everything is breaking... luckily I have no fix-it skills.

Since we moved into our travel trailer full-time, we've had more then a few things break. We knew this would happen. Everyone we ever talked to about living full-time in a travel trailer said things are going to break. A travel trailer isn't made to live in full-time, so it's to be expected. The problem is that only recently did I learn that there is actually more then one type of screw driver. Actually I've become fairly handy, at least for me. My tool kit has grown, and I now know how to hold a hammer, turns out the scoopy thing isn't hand grip, but is actually used to pry things.

So far, here's a list of the things that have broke:

Our toilet.

Yeah, it leaks. Of all the things I can think of in a trailer, or a home of any kind for that matter that you don't want liquid to leak out from, it's probably the roof, but second is the toilet. It's actually not that bad, but it is something I've tried to fix once already, but haven't yet mastered.

Our bathroom medicine cabinet latch.

Only a big deal because the latch keep the door closed and secured while driving down the road. Until we get it fixed, I think the medicine cabinet door will have gaff tape all over it.

Our AC unit.

A big deal when you're out in the desert and it gets hot. Luckily, my wife is brilliant and actually fixed it herself while I was at work. Well done doll. 

Our refrigerator.

It wound't turn on for anything. We couldn't figure it out. It just wound't get cold even though it had power running to it. Once again, I get a call from work. My wife fixed it.

Our primary electrical pilot light.

It wouldn't light. Again, a phone call from work. Wife, again. 

Our Apple TV

Finally, something in my wheel house... still doesn't work with our trailer set-up.

Luckily my wife is around to fix all our fix-it items with my tools. I don't feel like a male at this point in the article, so I'm taking bath and eating chocolate. 


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