Last year we lived in a suburban home, today we live full-time in a travel trailer. Things have changed.

Well it happened again, I turned another year older.

Sometimes I wish time would stop, but I know in my deepest of heart that won't happen. So I try to think on the positive but for me sometimes that's hard because I am a pessimist through and through.

Life has changed.


c It was almost exactly a year ago that my husband and I decided to sell everything and become nomads.

We became nomads

We wanted a change of life for our family. A chance to experience living differently. I wanted my children Erica 11, Malaki 8 and Zealand 7 to have their schoolhouse be the outdoors. I'm so grateful for this chance to change our future. To learn and grow together. I hope my children see that your never to old or young to follow a dream and to make life an adventure.