How I cook for a family of 5 in our kitchen the size of a closet.

This is something I get asked a lot. How do you cook in that tiny trailer?

For the most part, the same way I did in our huge kitchen back in Suburbia, but it's all mini size now. I sometimes feel like I'm cooking on a kids play kitchen. The fridge definitely is smaller so I'm going to the grocery store all the time. The oven runs on propane and it's been tricky for me to learn how not to burn everything, and with the summer heat, I try not to use it a ton because it heats up our tiny space so fast!

Use a crockpot.

My new goal everyday is to use as few dishes as possible since I'm hand washing everything and I'm tired of my hands feeling like sandpaper. I use my crockpot probably 4 times a week. It's so quick in the morning to put everything in it and let it cook all day so I don't have to worry about it. I'm very limited on counter space (very limited) so I really have to plan out what I'm cooking because everything feels cluttered very fast.

I had to keep some of my favorite kitchen tools, regardless of their size.

One of my favorite things to do is bake, its something I absolutely love. I love the way it makes a house feel and smell so homey. With that being said, one of the things I could not part with when we downsized was my huge bulky kitchenaid mixer, it literally, and I do mean literally, takes up my whole counter, but it's one of my favorite things! 

Kids make things... interesting.

Another thing that gets tricky is the help that my kiddos love to give when I cook. They want to be involved and get their little hands into everything. I sometimes feel very overwhelmed by this now. With such limited space and three kids lined up ready to help causes me to want to scream sometimes. I love their readiness to help, so its just something I have to get used to. Overall I think I'm getting the hang of everything and learning new things everyday.

I went to Home Depot the other day and couldn't believe the size of the ovens!! But, small living in a house that has wheels has it's advantages. One of my favorite thing about my little kitchen is that I can change the view out of my little window, from Mountains, to Ocean, and everything in-between. Cooking in new places and experiencing new adventures everyday with my family is amazing. I'd take my little kitchen over my old kitchen any day, well most of the time :)