It's our anniversary today

13 years ago this very day Jason and I said I do.

We were at the ripe ole age of 18 and 19. I know, pretty crazy!! To this day I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure getting married super young came with many challenges, but I have yet to meet a married couple without challenges. Jason and I are about as opposite as you can get that's what makes us work. In all the ways I fall short he's right there to pick up the pieces and vise versa. He's mellow , easy going and can't take anything serious. I like to be in control, neat and orderly and also be the life of the party.

I think it's funny how when your with someone for so many years you can't imagine life without them. Yes, there are days when he drives me crazy or pushes my buttons. We argue, bicker and raise our voices at each other  when instead we should be calm, understanding and patient. But at the root of everything we have love deep, deep love. When we said I do we meant it no matter what was thrown our way.  We've had up's and downs, laughter and tears. But through it all we hold tight to one another.

I love after all this time I still get chills when he holds my hand or brushes past me. He's always made me feel like bill I'm the only girl in the world for him and I'm pretty sure I am because I'm not sure who else  in the would put up with him. Happy Anniversary my love. Can't wait to hit the road with you.