Surviving a Texas Tornado in an RV

Two days ago we learned how you survive a tornado in an RV. It turns out you don't, you instead hope that they veer off course a mile or two before hitting you... which is what happened to us. It seems as though, however, that even though we just missed being destroyed by a Texas tornado, the weather still had some lashing to do. 

Watch the fun first hand here:

Between the crazy winds, insane rain, and non-stop thunder and lightning, we had quite a night. I've always wanted to see a real storm up close (we don't get them in California) I just never thought I'd see one from the window of our paper thin walled travel trailer. 

All in all though, our trip has been nothing but magical... some good magic and some dark magic, but magical just the same. We've met some amazing people at our camp here in Texas, friends that I believe will remain beyond our Texas stop.

What's the worst storm you've ever been in? Let us know in the comment below.