Living your dreams


This week we've continue our little trek through Texas. We make our way to the South Eastern tip of the state. Life for us on the road has been nothing if not a true adventure. We've loved every minute of it... that's not true. Actually that's a flat lie, but we have loved many moments of it. Or at least some of them. We've for sure had a moment or two that were great. Actually this whole thing is like a dream sometimes.

Living the life you've dreamed of living can seem like something that may only be possible if we're lucky, work really hard for most of our life, play our cards right and stay the course... we've found that for us, that's not true. 

For most of us when we take a hard honest look at the life we wish we could live, that life is probably so much closer to becoming a reality then we think. It's also probably attainable in ways we never even thought of. 

This weeks show we take a brief moment to look at living your dreams... unless your dream is to fly, or pirate your own ship, or live in a travel trailer (ha, who would dream of that?). But even then, there may be ways to make it happen.

Enjoy the show! 

It's good for the you, it's good for the world.