Extra Grace Required

In a recent conversation with friends, I heard the term "EGR". I hadn't heard this term before and was curious to find out it's meaning, (extra grace required). My friends we're talking about people you come across that require extra grace in order to get through the conversation or endure the friendship.

The more I thought about this term, I realized that it is very applicable to church production. Being the world I choose to spend my time, I have naturally made somewhere around 3,239,881 mistakes. These mistakes range across the gambit of possible failures. Some deeply personal and others hilariously public. What I have learned from all of these mistakes can be summed up in 2 statements.

1. I need grace.

Its true, I need grace not only from God, but from all those around me as well. I am constantly making mistakes that impact not just myself, but the ones I love too. I am in constant need of God's grace. So much so that I decided to get a verse about grace tattooed on my body.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect through weakness.  

                                                                                                                           2 Corinthians 12:9 

When I made the decision to get this tattoo, I was coming out of the wake of a terrible decision. The kind of decision that can completely derail your life and keep you locked up with guilt and shame forever. Thankfully, I got passed this dark period in my life only to move on towards other failures and hangups down the road. The idea of grace in my life is something that I will always need. What I work on is constantly moving forward. Striving for progress and not perfection.

2. Not all mistakes are bad.

Its true. Not every mistake you make will be life shattering. In fact, most of them are not. When it relates to church production, mistakes happen by the truckload. If you choose to let them get you down, the amount you enjoy your job will fall rapidly. What I have learned is that mistakes can make me stronger, but I have to choose to grow from them. Learn how to better myself in the situation and move on.

Working in a creative field requires you to put yourself and your ideas out where people can see them. You have to show up in order to try new things. Staying safe and putting together the same service week after week is terrible. God did not require the church to be boring, he gave us the ability to dream and imagine creative ways to enhance people's experience at church. Not a show, but a powerful atmosphere where people can meet and interact with a living God. Don't let the fear of making mistakes keep you stuck in the mud. Get out there, take risks and make huge mistakes. Don't walk into walls, sprint into them.