The Moment...

I enjoy going to work everyday. Yes there are frustrations, but Im passionate about what I do. By Americas standards our church is rather large. Over 3 days this easter (including Good Friday) we had over 13,000 people walk on our campuses and experience church with us. There are many things that you can get excited about during Easter. Apart from the obvious excitement of what Christ did on the cross and through the grave, there are many other things worth mentioning. 

The attendance bump. The multiple services across multiple campuses. The Good Friday Service. Good Friday stage design. Weekend Lighting design. Great full length testimony video. Dozens of technical volunteers working together. Syncing two auditoriums for live services. All of these things are good and worth celebrating, but the best part of the weekend for me happened during the 6:30 service on Saturday night. 

During this service I decided to stay in the booth for worship. The booth or FOH (front of house) is where most of our technical team operate during services. It was here that the moment happened. As usual our producer was calling the service, and all the tech leaders were operating multiple stations making the whole thing work in harmony. During worship, amidst all the chaos both controlled and un-controlled there was a moment. During the third song, I felt compelled to raise my hands in worship. I closed my eyes and for a few brief moments, I was completely engaged in worshiping my creator. I let go, put the job on pause and was focused on the one who matters most. When I opened my eyes, I saw the entire team worshiping at their positions. Some with one hand on a mouse, or hand getting ready to push a button, everyone was engaged and worshiping. 

The best part of this moment was that I was standing behind the team. It was not the visual of there leader that prompted them to get engaged. It was out of a heartfelt relationship with Jesus Christ. I truly believe this act of worship is a telling sign of where their walk with God is at. In the middle of chaos they all found time to worship. To take a moment and truly reflect on what was important. God. Without him, nothing matters.

This moment and others like it, are what all the work is for. The hours people don’t see making sure every detail is ready. Every light cue is set. Every inch of the stage is prepped and ready, the nights going home late, exhausted and hungry.

For me, God took this moment in the third song to say “its worth it”. I understand that I have nothing to do with people accepting Jesus into their hearts. No matter how great, the production, the lighting, audio and video will not save people. No matter how much time I spend planning every detail, without the holy spirit, my efforts will do nothing.  

What matters to me is that the people around me are experiencing life change just like those walking into a church for the first time. Everyone on my team is a believer. Some for decades, and some for months. But all of us can experience moments that God shows up and says “its all worth it” seeing my team worshiping the one true God is all that I need. That keeps me going. That is what its about. That is the fuel that keeps me going, searching for ways to improve.