SUBURBAN PILGRIMS: A film for wondering wanderers.


Suburban Pilgrims is a feature length documentary film about...

A suburban family who leaves everything behind to journey across the U.S. in a small travel trailer seeking a life of adventure & meaning.

This film follows the journey of the Calhoun family, and others who are daring to live out dreams, hopes, and the pursuit of adventure; knowing that risk, discomfort, and difficulty will be along for the ride.

Our Kickstarter campaign to fund this film begins October 4th, and runs for 30 days.



Suburban Pilgrims will share the stories of many in our society who believe that looking back to bygone values is a way to move forward.  The word "community" means more then occasionally waving at the family next door.  It means more then buying too much crap to keep up with the neighbors; more then not spending enough time with our kids to keep up with social media.  It means being intentional about discovering what quality of life we want to be a part of, and raise our children in.

We'll also share the struggles that come from this group of people who've stepped out of the microwave system our culture has built, and into a world that is real, raw, rugged, and unknown.

We are a new kind of adventurer, explorer and pilgrim.


This film is about more then grand adventures, living in the smallest spaces possible, or wearing flannel. This film is about people who hold their beliefs so closely and dearly, they have been willing to change the structure of their entire lives to pursue them.  They believe it is worth being uncomfortable to be purposeful, to live out your convictions, to get back to the basics of simplicity, truth, honesty and love.

When we first started questioning why we were living the way we were back in Suburbia, , we were feeling convicted about buying so much crap, eating so much crap, working all the time, staying busy with routines, hectic schedules, and a general lack of purpose and meaning... We felt pretty alone.

Now that we know we are not alone, we want others to discover their journey as well.  This might mean changing everything, or very little.  Either way we want to challenge your thinking and share stories that inspire others to...



Hi there, I'm Jason. I’m a film editor, father of 3, husband, and sarcasm wizard.  I've put together 7 documentaries as an editor, and 3 others as both editor and cinematographer.  I have created projects for Coke, Animal Planet, Intel, Adidas, Nomad, Nissan, and many other companies whose names give me instant, and assumed credibility.  :)

This film will be my first venture into creating a film from scratch, without a client, director, or uppity-up looming over my head.  Because I'm not only directing this film, but also living part of the story, I have pretty exclusive access to myself.


Campaign Dates: Luanch October 4th - October 31st.

Goal Amount: $15,000

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Jason Calhoun // Director // // (530) 409-3291 //