06. Video Venues... un-sucked.

The video venue/additional campus is becoming more and more popular with more and more churches. It's also becoming a more and more cost effective option for smaller churches. In this episode we attempt to un-suckify and lay out the processes and options a fellow like yourself has when it comes to lunching a video venue, from quick and easy, to big and costly.

05. Music and Creative Clashing

In episode 5, we chat about the importance of music in video creation, service walk-in, and in my ears right now as I write this overly compelling show description. We also talk about the clash that can happen between creative folks, and upity-ups. All this and more... or less on this weeks podcast.

03. Creativity and changing rolls, sucks.

In this weeks creative churches suck, we try to figure out how to be creative, and what to do when you find yourself into a new area of ministry or anything else that falls outside your current roll. We also discover that saying rolls more then twice makes you really want a roll with butter.