Episode #3 - The pro's and con's of nomaidc trailer life

In this weeks episode, episode 3 we chat about the best parts, and the worst parts of trailer life in our top 5 lists. That's right, we have two for you this week. Keeping with our double theme, we also offer up two fun games to play with your kids that help pass the time during long drives. Finally, we review a product that we use daily to set the mood and tone of our little trailer home.

You can find the product we reviewed in this Episode, the Bose SoundLink here:


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Episode #2 - How life has changed


In episode #2, Danielle and Jason talk about what life was life before the trailer, and what it's like now. How the changes have affected the kids, and about a flashlight... the worlds coolest flashlight. In the top 5 list, they chat about the top 5 things they wish they knew before venturing out on their new adventure.

Here is the worlds greatest flashlight I talked about in this episode. CLICK HERE


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Episode #1: An Introduction.

In this episode we selfishly chat about ourselves, review an item my wife loves to use in our tiny trailer kitchen, and give the top 5 fears we had moving into this new lifestyle.

Here is the pasta strainer we reviewed in this episode.

Super cheap, works like a champ.

You can pick up your own here: Chef's Planet Clip and Drain